I sat down face to face with a client as she gave me a breakdown of the things that happened to her at a young age and how she completely blocked it out of her memory so that she could move on. She thought she had actually moved on until that session when she saw that everything she had been through in the past were still very evident in her present life.

Morayo was raped, Chidinma lost her baby, Tunji had to deal with a mother dying of cancer, Esther gave birth out of wedlock and was rejected, Iyanu struggled with lesbianism. Mayowa was abused by her husband and was divorced by the age of 29years. What's your story? If you look well, you'd see that you're not so different from them.

I came to the conclusion that we are all broken in some kind of way. This is the pretty part. These people all either run businesses or are employed somewhere and they all want to step up in every area of their lives. I knew that they were missing out on another source of income and a great deal of impact.

I launched my book SPINNING YOUR PAIN TO GOLD which was an Amazon bestseller early this year and I have coached different women and men from all walks of life on how to spin their pain to Gold and this time, we decided to do an INTIMATE MEETING OF GOLD IN PAIN with TOKE MAKINWA on the 17th of November 2018!

Toke Makinwa is an award-winning multimedia personality, with a remarkable media profile in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other parts of Africa. She is considered one of the most influential African media personalities and brand influencer. With over 4 million views on YouTube and over 2 million followers on Twitter and Instagram combined, Toke represents the voice of young Africans and has been able to impact them through the various campaigns she has run alongside notable brands.

Toke has served as brand ambassadors for notable brands such as Maggi, Ciroc, Western Lotto, Mecran, Payporte and Lipton. She also continues to create a lasting impact on this generation through her foundation through which she gives financial assistance to low-income students and aspiring entrepreneurs.
Her career started on radio in 2010 before she made the transition to television. Her television credits to date include Flytime Tv’s ‘3liveChicks’, HipTv’s ‘Trending’ and EbonyLife Tv’s ‘Moments’ where she serves as a host on its daily show.

On November 27 2016, Toke Makinwa launched a tell-all Book titled “On Becoming”, An account of her journey so far, her childhood, her parents, her career, her love life - `the Good times, the sad times, healing and being future geared. Since its release, the book featured in the “what’s hot” iBook’s section, a bestseller on Amazon and even broke sales records on okadabooks.com.

Following the success of her memoir, Toke launched her luxury bag line on the 15th of December, 2017 and also prepares to relaunch the line with more bag colours and designs. In May 2018, Toke opened up about her struggle with fibroids, her surgery and her journey to healing. To date, Toke has changed the lives of two women by financing their operation and medical cost.
Toke Makinwa in partnership with Buluwa Inc, a Californian based beauty developer, recently launched her global skincare brand, “Glow by TM”.

Vera Alex, lead coach of Vera Alex Coaching Company and convener of Project.

If you would like to connect the pain of your past to the profit of your present and future, then this intimate meeting is for you. Make sure you look through the EXPERIENCES with Vera Alex Coaching Company pictures. You would be amazed at how your IMPACT and MONEY are connected to your pain.