Two years ago, Tobi called my coaching company from Ekiti state saying that he had seen me on the television and how i spoke about the things that caused me pain growing up.

He was shocked that someone that had gone through that much pain was changing her world from it.

He then told me that when he was 5 years old, his father abused him sexually. His dad! The man that was supposed to protect him had exposed him to the crazy life of abuse. 

He talked about how he had failed in school almost all his life but how he had to learn some skills to get a good job and now he was 36 years old, making 2 million
naira every 6 weeks yet feeling unfulfilled. He cried as he spoke to me about this deep issue that he seemed to have buried for the past years.

Because of this sexual abuse he faced that went on for 7 years of his growing up, he didn't care about his sexuality anymore and so he started sleeping around to satisfy this uncontrollable desire. He had forced two ladies that he had gotten pregnant to abort the babies and even right now, he doesn't know if anyone of the girls had ended up giving birth to his child. He had dis-virgined so many young girls and was just tired of his life. He was in thick tears as he spoke to me.

He also explained that he had tried to commit suicide a few times but he was never successful. I was in shock as to how much pain a person could carry for over 30 years of his life. That was just one aspect of how damaged he had become.

This was two years ago, Today, Tobi is totally healed from the hurts and has won more awards than he ever imagined through his impact. He has not just changed his life, he is changing other people's lives in ways that he never thought was possible. I remember telling him that broken people break other people.

Men and women often tell me, Coach Vee, I don't know what my purpose is, i have many gifts or i have no gifts but i want to be more than i am right now, i want to do more than i do right now and i want to change my world. My response to them is what is your pain? Other people ask me, how did you build a company from what caused you so much pain? What if i told you YOUR PAIN IS YOUR TICKET TO MAKING HUGE IMPACT? What if the things people said about you will eventually be the key to your impact?

In case you don't know about me, let me save you the stress of going over this whole website even though it is beautiful. My name is Vera Alex. I was sexually, verbally, emotionally and mentally abused growing up. I failed terribly in school that i had to repeat two classes twice. I was outwardly beautiful, still am but inwardly damaged. It took me a lot to get here. I want to tell you the story in my audio note and have a one on one call with you because the best part of this journey is that I built a business that is making so much impact from this painful journey.

I have two NEW MATERIALS that can help you turn your pain into a passion that will impact lots of people. The first material is an audio note and the second is a call session from me which is called From Pain to Passion Challenge to boost your impact in 30 days.

Here are some of the things you'd get from these materials:

THE Pain to Passion Audio note:
- Healing strategies.
- How to turn your pain to passion.
- How to increase your impact in a short time.
- How you can find fulfillment everyday despite what people have said about you.
- My personal story.
- Few reasons why you can overcome despite all the challenges you have.

THE pain to Passion Challenge Call Session:
This is a one hour call that you'd book with me. I want to tell you my story of how I went from a life of brokenness despite all the money and people around me to impacting a lot of people through my pain and also speak with you on a challenge that will change not just how you see yourself but how you see people. This will change your life, I promise you. This session is limited to only a few people who really need my help personally as we deal with personal issues that might be holding you back and get the best from yourself.

I chose to separate these materials so that if you don't want to get one yet, you can at least have the other. When I was going to put a price on this audio note and call, I asked the opinions of the people I had coached in my company and none of them gave me a price below ₦100,000 for the both materials as a package. But then, I thought about how I wanted to reach more people and I could only do this with lesser amount.

And so, I made a decision to price the audio note for ₦10,000 instead of ₦25,000 and the The Pain to Passion Challenge Call session for ₦35,000 instead of ₦50,000.

AUDIO NOTE = ₦10,000

I am really rooting for you. If you can't invest only these into yourself, it means you don't believe in yourself to produce The Best of Life. Take this first step and see what happens next.

Payment Process

Purchase by sending
₦10,000 and/or ₦35,000 to 0092639280 (Diamond bank | Vera Alex) 
and send a receipt with the name of what you purchased to and I will reach out to you... let's keep in touch too. I'd like to know more about you.
See you on the other side.