Ready to challenge yourself to the healthy life you desire, enjoy beautiful relationships filled with less drama, and have enviable peace in your life?  

Listen to the audio below to find out which of the growing up experience(s) you had, identify their toxic root, and eliminate them for good. 

Hint: you never even knew how much they affected you.

After growing up in a subtly toxic environment unknown to my parents, due to being sexually abused for four years and then, mentally, emotionally and psychologically abused for ten years of moving from academic excellence to failure. My journey had been defined by report cards, what everyone said, and what everyone thought about me. I really couldn’t blame my parents and teachers because if they knew better, they would have done better but it was my responsibility to heal from their ignorance. It was up to me to change the narrative. As I began the journey to healing and I saw that the result of the healing journey started to positively affect my relationships, how I saw life, my business, my love for God and others, and my personal finances, I decided to help others achieve the same result and more. Healing is a journey and not a destination. It is a decision to see the chain that held you back and never let it tie you down anymore. Will you let me walk with you on this journey through this challenge? If yes, then let’s go!
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Frequently Asked Questions

21 days. Day 22 is our virtual party. And the grand finale.
  • If you’ve never said to yourself, “my growing up was fantastic and I’d like to build on it.”
  • If you want to detoxify from your past or even present painful experiences.
  • If you see yourself helping others in the future
  • If you don’t like the fruits your life is currently producing
  • If you want to live a mentally, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically healthy life
  • If you want to build new habits and maintain them.
It will begin August 2020 on email and a WhatsApp group for accountability sake. You get to enjoy the class better when you see yourself and others healing together.
Have you ever thought to yourself I am going to pray, read, journal, love, do whatever for 21 or 30 days and you end up not being able to finish what you start? Did you see how flexible you became? That’s the issue. We’d be following a strict schedule for 15 minutes for 21 days. And that’s why it’s called a challenge. Transformation only happens in a systemized setting.
With the way the program is structured, you can’t drop out except you see that you can’t stand the heat of our love and then, you give up on yourself. If you’re really ready to take yourself seriously, then you won’t drop out. After the 21 days, you would fall in love with yourself and us and we really want that to happen.
It’s 15mins every day. If you can make time to be online or have your bath, you can make time for your healing.
It’s ₦20,100 for only two weeks. From the 25th of July, it will be ₦35,100 which is its original price but after this batch, its monetary value will increase so if you're seeing it now, this is the best time to take the program.
Registration closes once we get to full capacity because inasmuch as it's a group learning, there's still going to be one on one sessions and there's only so much we can handle. It's like doing a private coaching for hundreds of you in a short time. Our value is maximum.
You postpone your healing and transformation process and your work, love, business, money, relationships, and family continue to suffer for it. We don’t want that to happen to you. So register now.

What People Are Saying About This Program:
“This program helped me face my life intentionally and detoxified me completely.” Tolu O.
“I can do this program again and again. I’m loving the new me.” - Rohi A

“I had sex with my husband for the first time in almost a year. We're healing together and I'm excited. Thank you so much for this program” Thelma T.

“I learnt so much about myself and flaws. My parents and I have a better relationship. I understand them better and I’m able to interact with them without feeling less about who I am.” Henry F.

“I have a better relationship with my son. It was so hard to connect with him because of my relationship with my parents” Grace F.
“I know my triggers now and I’m glad I took this program because I am able to stop myself from negative thoughts.” Lydia R.

“I understand myself better. I am more optimistic about my life and I am experiencing so much better.” Esther W.

“I didn’t know that my unproductivity was tied to my emotional health. I was making a lot of money but was not satisfied with my life. I am much more productive now and my relationships are healthy and peaceful.” Wunmi F.

“It was the hardest thing for me to face all that I had been through. One day I will share my story but for now, I’d like to say that Coach Vee is the real deal. She is the balance of compassion and yet, transformation. She loved me through the process to facing my giant and now, I love me, I know what it is to love me now than I ever did. My marriage will be sweeter. Haha! Thank you ma’am” - Tumi R.

If you are unable to register using Paystack, then make a transfer of ₦20,100 to 0092639280 Diamond/Access bank and send receipts to

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