Our mission is to provide mental, emotional, spiritual and financial wholeness to people from all walks of life.

Our vision is to reach millions of people with the sole purpose of providing healing and wholeness so that they can function with 20/20 insights in whatever tasks they handle.

My short story:

In my book, broken but beautiful that was released August 2017, I wrote about the depth of my abuse as a growing child. I encountered sexual, mental, emotional and verbal abuse that wrecked 90% of my life and made my thinking dysfunctional for a good part of my life.

I had no idea that my life was strongly being affected by my past. I encountered Jesus and after I took a coaching class, my eyes opened to the extent of the damage my past had caused even in my relationships.

My wholeness journey began and from then till now, my whole world has changed. This is a must-take journey, I promise!

What Vera Alex Coaching Company does

  • Help you heal from past hurts
  • Show you a deeper dimension of yourself you have never seen
  • Help you to be extremely intentional about your decisions
  • To unveil your unique voice
  • Help you in gaining capacity to think deeply
  • Help you discover deep secrets in impacting the next generation
  • Help you become the best at what you do and who you are
  • To guide you into living such healthy life
  • SO WE COACH YOU ON YOUR WHOLENESS: people that have been broken will break other people. Nobody wants an unstable person to handle any tasks. From my coaching experience, when we ask questions like what is your story, the number of people that have been emotionally and mentally abused is overwhelming. We actually see people operate presently from their past perspective with the thoughts that they are healed up and everything is fine. That’s why we have people giving the maximum of 50% in their workplaces and families. And the world celebrates their 50% because it’s the best they have around. How about we have 100% or at least 90% in every area of lives. VACC will give you the ingredients to operate on the premium version of YOU.
  • FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY AND SECRETS TO BUILD YOUR ORGANISATION WITH. (a multiplied stream of income): Each organization will be CONSULTED with for a multiplied stream of income and will be given an award for participating in the EXCELLENCE OF THE INDIVIDUALS TO MAKE THE WORLD A HEALTHIER PLACE. We give organizations a fantastic financial opportunity that will help in becoming and achieving more.
  • To not just teach EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE but coach you on simple proven strategies to be emotionally awesome at all times.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals
  • Educators
  • Companies/Organizations
  • Parents
  • Students/children.


For more information, call: +2348142310197 or send a message to vera@veraalex.com.ng or fill this form.