Wait! WHO'S STOPPING YOU? | Vera Alex Magazine



Wait! WHO'S STOPPING YOU? | Vera Alex Magazine

As a child, growing up was one of the hardest things because I limited myself to the things people said about me and they always said bad things.

I had lots and lots of terrible words spoken about me and over me. I can’t believe I actually believed every single word. I remember my mom, as amazing as she is, even thought she was giving me a pep talk when she said “if people are saying things about you, it’s the mouth of God”.

I love you mom but that did a lot of damage to me. It simply means that even God thought I was that terrible. It’s over for me, I thought. I never really had a mind of my own, couldn’t make decisions on my own because people had much more opinion about me than I had of myself. But of course, that’s changed now.

I speak my own future into manifestation and I don’t ever take No for an answer except it’s from the Lord (His No is filled with Hurricane of Love). I preached my first sermon when I was 16, I had my first magazine at 22 and well, I haven’t even started anything yet. Nobody can stop you if you don’t let them.

This is to you that people have shut down consistently. If you stop now, you have given them power over your life and nobody’s worth that much power over your life, only God. So get up, clean up your tears and let’s begin again- this time, put in your best fight. Gather momentum through prayer, the word and get knowledge about your purpose and tell me about it.

So wait..let me ask you again… WHO is stopping you???

Smile baby 😊
Vera Alex.

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  1. Wow.This is soul lifting .
    Nobody is stopping me,I just realized that I am the one stopping myself
    Thanks for sharing !

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