Vera Alex is a part of international speakers as she uses her story to inspire individuals to turn painful experiences in their lives as a tool for social impact and global change.

Vera Alex and her team reaching out to schools and discussing Quality education and Gender equality as related to the United Nations sustainable development goals using different life experiences. The theme of this event is "What I wish my parents knew". Vera Alex has reached over 300 educators and parents in the last year of beginning this project.

Vera Alex coaches individuals on social impact work using her online and offline courses to strategically position more people as leaders and influencers in their communities achieving different goals and objectives of the united nations sustainable development goals.

Vera Alex became a McKinsey finalist in 2018 and has gone on to use the principles of leadership she learnt to better her community.

Get Up Youth Africa awarded Vera Alex for her outstanding work in the past 3 years as she was featured in her magazine.