Hold on! Are you ignoring your instruction? | Vera ALex Magazine

Hold on! Are you ignoring your instruction?


Hold on! Are you ignoring your instruction? | Vera ALex Magazine

Hey beautiful one,

How are you doing today? If you don’t feel good enough….come and take a big bear hug….I just hugged you, I’m hoping you felt the warmth of God’s love in my hug. 😊😊

So hey, do you know that people’s destinies are attached to your obedience. Let me use this awesome illustration. I love my Hillcity (that’s my church)…I am joyful when I’m in church always.

The word preached is always transforming my thoughts, makes me think again and its always timely for me. Programs organised are literally always right on time too. My fellowship with the people of God and my personal walk with the Lord are always in sync and when something isn’t adding up (gosh! Math again), I know something is wrong on my part and the Lord confirms it to me.

Now, how would my life and others be transformed if my pastors did not obey God’s instruction to build His people or if they decided to do their own thing, ignoring God?
Listen to me. Come close brother, come close sisterrr!

Now, don’t let your phone fall off or your screen black out….come close honey, every word God gives you is not only for your benefit (peace) but it’s for many other people that will be blessed by it especially your generation.

He gives you instructions to enlarge you and stretch you and see again…..your spiritual and financial health may just be attached to your obedience so why ignore it?

I encourage you to go back to that instruction and obey it because as Heather Lindsey says There’s always something greater on the other side of obedience.

Smile for me 😊

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