What People Are Saying About Vera Alex


“I met Vera Alex at a point in my life where I was at the crossroad, my hunger to grow from where I was to something of value was insatiable but I didn’t know what to do or where to go, at that point I would say I was just striving to live, what we call “hustling”, and just like yesterday I can still remember battling with some of the real life questions that she asked me, she made me realise that I was an untapped field of gold and subsequent sessions with her moulded my perspective and strong reasons….I’m more than grateful for this divine meeting… Love you Coach V!”
Solomon “Dambels”

Have you ever heard the words YOU ARE AMAZING like 5 billion times in a day? Coach Vee believes in every single human. She is the best abeg.

First I would like to say that I heard about Vera Alex Coaching Company at a very critical point in my life where I was down. That faithful day I had a long conversation with Coach Vee over the phone. She told me about the need to take the course. At first, I was reluctant “what do I want to hear that I haven’t heard before?” deep inside I knew I was in dying need of a serious evaluation of myself and my journey so far also where I am headed.
I commenced the coaching academy and it was a moment to confront and deal with a whole lot of baggage I was carrying it also took me through the process of talking to my self re-evaluating myself. Forgiving myself and people who have hurt me as well as letting go. I also had the cause to take a deep thought concerning my journey through life.
My Journey through VACC was like a process to re-birth. Upon the completion of the Vacc course, I started afresh, re-kindled my relationship with God and Myself. I realised I was spending time chasing the most minute things in life not looking after myself or loving myself. I was a ticking time bomb.
Tremendous thank you to Coach Veeee for this amazing opportunity.
Love You!!!!
Tobi Rosiji.

Before I took a course with VACC procrastination was my second name
VACC thought me how to be intentional with my everyday life, the questions were deep and it made me realise I had the answer to the questions I have always asked lying inside of me. I learnt how to journal my thoughts, I learnt accountability because I am whom I choose to become
Today I’m a better person and doing so much impact effectively because of VACC.

I have always wanted to help people and reach my world, Vera Alex did not just set me up as a coach, she helped me face some real life threatening issues that could be a barrier to helping my world. GOSH! VACC is an eye-opener.

WAIT! WHAT??? You have never taken a course with Vera Alex!!! What? She is GLOBAL-STANDARD!!! I can’t believe my life is as amazing as it is right now. I was looking for money when I first encountered coach vee, she has taught me that with impact, I will not just earn, I will influence my world. I am doing just that but most importantly, becoming the best version of me.

I was making so much money every month where I worked but I wanted more for my life, I was sad and broken because I felt terrible every night when I go to bed. I owe a lot to the woman that God used to help me. She doesn’t like when we say we owe anything to her. She is the most loving and firm woman ever. If coach vee is in this business with you, just know that your light has no choice but to shine. I love you Coach Vee. Your reward is Great.

Dear Coach Vee,

Many thanks for the conference! It was eye-opening for me and packaged with so many lessons. The best is that God used the hurt in us caused by the brokenness of others to reveal His Beauty to us.
God bless you for opening up and yielding yourself, I am a life blessing some more because you did.
Much love,

The best thing about vacc services is that you could be earning millions, thousands or nothing at all, just be rest assured that you would see your life take such an amazing turn. Coach Vee has got you.

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