Vera Alex

VERA ALEX, The King's Daughter is a multi-talented Coach, Author, Preacher of the word of God and Conference Speaker. She is the Founder and Lead Coach at Vera Alex Coaching Company (VACC) through which she has helped many to discover purpose, grow their manifold potentials, and achieve personal excellence.

Popularly known as Coach Vee, Vera uses her personal story to preach a message that provides mental, emotional, spiritual and financial wholeness for educators, parents, singles and individuals towards achieving a healthier world. She wields a strong presence and her message reverberates with the same focus and intensity across all events and platforms. She is a DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST and she longs to see the Day of the Lord come upon the earth.

Studied International Law at Babcock University, her education background coupled with subsequent professional trainings formed the foundation stone for her vocational superiority.

Prior to establishing VACC, she cut her teeth at Immerse Coaching Company, where she served as a Support Coach while also pitching tent with Junior Achievement Nigeria.

She authored 'Broken but Beautiful' to deal with real issues that young people face while in their formative years, sharing insightfully from her childhood experience of overcoming rejection, failure and abuse. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Vera Alex magazine, facilitator of Bible Study with Vera Alex.

In recognition of her outstanding work, she has been hosted regularly as a Speaker across notable media platforms including Heart of the matter that airs on EbonyLife TV, Nigeria Info FM, Inspiration fm, Linda Ikeji TV and WazobiaMax TV. Her story has also been featured on national dallies including Daily Times and The Independent newspaper, and Vera Alex Coaching Company has been nominated as one of the Top 250 SMEs in Africa’s most populous country by Connect Nigeria.

She also became a finalist in McKinsey and company's Next Generation Women Leaders Conference which is one of the top consulting firms in the world. She is also part of The Dialogue Now, a global platform for international speakers which has its headquarters in Dubai. And she continues to serve in her field.