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Please Continue | Vera Alex Magazine

What would you like to change about yourself the remaining of the year? Do you want to grow in your business? Do you want a better relationship with people? Do you want a better relationship with God? Let me tell you the secret to BETTER……. CONSISTENCE!!! My Pastor, Segun Oke always says that you attract…(Read More)

Hold on! Are you ignoring your instruction? | Vera ALex Magazine

Hey beautiful one, How are you doing today? If you don’t feel good enough….come and take a big bear hug….I just hugged you, I’m hoping you felt the warmth of God’s love in my hug. 😊😊 So hey, do you know that people’s destinies are attached to your obedience. Let…(Read More)

Wait! WHO'S STOPPING YOU? | Vera Alex Magazine

As a child, growing up was one of the hardest things because I limited myself to the things people said about me and they always said bad things. I had lots and lots of terrible words spoken about me and over me. I can’t believe I actually believed every single word. I remember my…(Read More)